Visitor Management System

  • Bilingual system supporting both Arabic and English.
  • HTML 5 responsive design, can be browsed from tablets & mobiles.
  • Can be integrated with other systems such as Human resources systems, archiving system, SMS gateway and active directory.
  • Parametric System. NO HARD CODING.
  • Compatible with the organization structure and workflow.
  • Facility to black list visitors or companies.
  • Registration of different type of Visitors, VIP Visitors, Permanent, and Temporary workers at Reception / Pre-Registration by Employee or online.
  • Temporary workers at Reception / Pre-Registration by Employee or online.
  • Registration of Material IN and Material OUT.
  • Captures basic information of a visitors and can integrated with EIDA card,
    Passport reader to read data.
  • Enter Information regarding Laptops, Phone, or any other items carried to the premises.
  • Delegation option to the users.
  • Appointment System and integration with the outlook.
  • Integrate with gate access controls.
  • Issue Visitor’s card with photo and host details.
  • Ability to scan the card at every Department.
  • View logs and charts.
  • Reports on Daily, Monthly, Weekly basis.
  • Issue a visitor book that can be issued daily, weekly or yearly.
  • Allow to approve / Reject visit from the email.
  • Mobile Application is available for both Android and iOS Systems.

visitor management system
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