ST Lite

A web based application with different modules to manage employee details as well as IN and OUT movements during the day.


Administration Module

  • In Application Setup,the admin user can set the organization name and select the logo ,both will be used in all report headers
  • Allows the user to define the master date:
    • Organizational Hierarchy levels
    • Nationalities
    • Designations
    • Leave Types
    • Schedule Groups
  • The master data to be used later in employee definitions,leaves and schedule assignments.
  • Define holiday,no absent or deduction calculation will be considered during the holiday
  • Define login users and privileges

Daily Tasks Module

  • Managing employee details:
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name in Arabic and English
    • Hierarchy Level
    • Designations & Others
  • Managing Schedule Assignment,each employee should be assigned to schedule
  • Define employee leaves,no absent or deduction calculation will be considered during leave.
  • Manual entry can be done for as needed.
  • Recalculate attendance can be done in exceptional cases.

Reports Module

  • Providing different types of reports such as :
    • Active/Terminated employee details
    • Daily report,a summary report contains first and last transactions daily.
    • IN-OUT Transactions,a detailed report contains all transactions
    • Leave report
    • Absent report
    • Extra hours(Overtime) reports
    • Violation report,including absent ,delay and early out.
  • Reports can be generated for :
    • date range
    • Single Employee
    • Selected hierarchy level
  • Reports can be generated as pdf or excel

Technical Information

Programming Language

  • Microsoft ASP .Net

Operating System

  • Database Server:Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • Application Server:Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • Client PC:Windows Xp,Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • Microsoft SQl Server 2005 or 2008
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