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SuperGLASS 4 is the web-based access control and time & attendance terminal that combines a compact (less than 4 cm thick!) and elegant design with reliability and robustness (IP55). SuperGLASS 4 becomes biometric with FingerBOX or managing up to 8 XFinger readers.

SuperGLASS 4 is a Time & Attendance terminal and a gate controller for high security access control. Equipped with a 4.3-inch colour capacitive touchscreen and buzzer for acoustic signals, the user-friendly interface of SuperGLASS 4 makes it extremely intuitive and easy to use.

SuperGLASS 4 is a ready-to-use device with integrated time and attendance and access control functions that allow managing numerous data collection and company security needs.

In small systems, the Web Table Editor function allows managing, even in autonomy, the entire access control system directly from a PC browser, eliminating the need to install communication and configuration software.

SuperGLASS 4 can be completely configured via FTP or Web. In fact, with any browser it is possible to define the access control criteria, insert users and cards, time slots, reasons for the codes and manage controlled gates.

The RF reader supplied with the terminal is available for all the main technologies. Optional elements can be connected to the 485 port, such as XFinger biometric readers and other readers, through FD-NeoMax.

Equipped with POE technology, SuperGLASS 4 can be installed with a single Ethernet cable for data transfer and power supply.

Beautiful, slim and stylish , Superglass 7 adds elegance and style to any reception, even the most prestigious locations.

Superglass 7 is the Time & Attendance last generation terminal that combines advanced features and design. Superglass 7 responds to the most sophisticated business requirements from both technical and aesthetic point of view. Beautiful, slim and stylish, Superglass 7 adds elegance and style to any reception , even the most prestigious locations.

Supplied with a T&A and access control application embedded, Superglass 7 is a ready-to-use device configurable via web from any kind of browser. Programmable in Microsoft . NET the terminal satisfies any need of data collection and a link server/FTP client allows the automatic transfer of files. The device is also equipped with multimedia features such as VOIP with video , play audio files, Text To Speech, streaming video on the web and a long-lasting battery for operation in absence of power.

To respond to the more complex business needs Superglass 7 also boasts a suite of specific application-specific, including:
- Audio/Video over IP functionalities that transforms the terminal into a powerful workstation telephone or videophone VOIP integrated into the corporate network;
- Sending of public or private messages, displayed on the screen and able to provide confirmation of reading.

Superglass 7 is also reliable, thanks to https secure connections, which prevent any infringement of the information collected and exchanged with the server and easy to install thanks to the connection compartment rear very large and easily accessible. Finally, the embedded POE system allows to activate it using a single network cable.


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